redriver1Thank you to everybody who attended the first ever Red River Rumble GT last year in February 2017! Now we’re reloading and getting ready for round 2 and looking to make 2018 even better!

A total of 20 generals showed up last year to do battle and in that time we’ve had another Grand Tournament pop up so that means we now have 4 GTs in the Central Region. We are really keeping 9th Age on the map and continue to grow and grow every single year! With all the momentum we are building up I’m excited to bring you the 2nd Annual Red River GT! The RRR GT will kick off the official 9th Age GT Circuit in February 2018 and follow up with the 4th Wicked GT in May, then the Mayhem in the Mountains GT in September, and finally close out the GT circuit in St. Louis for the 2nd annual Hogfest GT!

This year there are a few changes that I’m going to implement… perhaps the biggest one is the location of the GT. After much searching and counsel, I’ve decided to move the RRR GT to Wichita, Kansas. There a few reasons for this – 1.) All the venues in OKC are very expensive and it makes the prize support rather weak when you have to spend all your money on locking down the venue. In addition to that, they come with a lot of restrictions. As you know, any money that we bring in goes right back out to the players in the form of handouts, raffles, and prize support for the GT so the more money we have to spend on that and not a venue means more that you, the player, get back. 2.) Wichita is more centrally located for a huge portion of the gamers from Kansas, Ohio, and Colorado. The savings from the venue alone will be worth it for anybody that decides to make the trip. So this means that the Red River Rumble GT will be held in the exact same location as the Wicked GT! We’ll have the RRR GT kick off the GT 2018 Circuit in February and then follow up with the Wicked GT in May, in the exact same hotel!!

I’m really excited to bring the RRR GT back for a second year and I hope you are too! We’ve gained a lot of momentum and need to carry it on into the 2018 so let’s make this year the best yet and get any and everybody signed up! Hope to see you rolling dice at the 2nd annual Red River Rumble GT in February 2018!