Frequently Asked Questions

When are lists due? Lists are due on March 10th, 2023 by 11:59 PM CST.

Is there a Players Packet available? The Players Packet will be released soon.

–  Does my army have to be fully painted? No. You can participate in the Red River Rumble GT with an unpainted army, however, you should be aware that you CANNOT win Best Overall if you have an unpainted army. You CAN, however, still win Best General with an unpainted army.

Is there a Painting Rubric Available? Yes. You can access it by clicking here!

How do I know I’m registered? You should receive an email receipt upon purchase of your Red River Rumble GT weekend pass. If there is any confusion, please email redriverrumblegt@gmail.com

Is there a refund policy? Yes. We will refund 100% up to ~40 days prior to the event. So Friday, February 17th, 2023 at midnight CST will be the last day to get a refund in the case you have a change of plans. After that, the money that we have will already be put to use to purchase the venue, prize support, etc.

Do you have a preferred hotel partner if I’m an out-of-towner? No, not this year. Since the venue has changed to the Man Shed there isn’t a preferred hotel, however, there are several affordable hotels within a few miles from my house and the airport.  For more info, visit the Venue tab.

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