Who’s in?

# Player Name Club Army Paid? List? State
1 Noble Diven B.A.W.G.S. beast herds yes yes OK
2 rob nevarez B.a.w.g.s. sylvan elves yes yes ks
3 jon pike b.a.w.g.s. highborn elves yes yes tx
4 sarah diven b.a.w.g.s. daemon Legions yes yes ok
5 Kurt armstrong b.A.w.g.s. warriors of the dark gods yes yes ks
6 josh gurin warriors of the dark gods yes yes ca
7 eric rennie b.a.w.g.s saurian ancients yes yes ks
8 matt reisch orcs & goblins yes yes la
9 keith rombough b.a.w.g.s. daemon legions yes yes ok
10 devin meadows b.a.w.g.s. orcs & goblins yes yes ok
11 dennis lavallie texas free company vermin swarm yes yes tx
12 tom moulton b.a.w.g.s. asklanders no yes ks
13 stephen cummins b.a.w.g.s. dwarven holds yes yes ks
14 joel boccio warriors of the dark gods yes yes ca
15 sean mooney undying dynasties no yes ca
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