Who’s in?


# Player Name Club Army Paid? List? State
1 Noble Diven B.A.W.G.S. vampire covenant yes yes OK
2 rob nevarez b.a.w.g.s. KingdOm of equitaine yes yes ks
3 noah dorsey denver deuces tbd yes yes co
4 devin meadows b.a.w.g.s. Sylvan elves yes yes ok
5 josh gurin MinMax warriors of the dark gods yes yes ca
6 blue bird diven b.a.w.g.s. Daemon legions yes yes ok
7 austin murrey b.a.w.g.s. warriors of the dark gods yes yes ok
8 keith rombough b.a.w.g.s. Daemon leGions yes yes ok
9 jon pike b.a.w.g.s. Highborn elves yes yes tx
10 chris mcarthur B.a.w.g.s. empire of sonnstahl yes yes ks
11 josh lewis b.a.w.g.s. Infernal dwarfs yes yes ks
12 joel flint empire of sonnstahl yes yes nm
13 jesse brown b.a.w.g.s. vampire covenant yes yes ok
14 Fergus the Gimp WCW Highborn Elves yes yes il
15 Lenny Szatkowski WCW daemon legions yes yes il
16 Brian Gerk WCW Orcs & goblins yes yes il
17 ryan dorsey Beast herds yes yes Co
18 jurand szwaja denver deuces ogre khans yes yes co
19 pablo wilink denver deuces orcs & goblins yes yes co
20 Zach perry Nashvillains vampire covenant yes yes tn
21 frank gallagher Warriors of the Dark Gods yes yes ok
22 david cicero nashvillains highborn elves yes yes tn
23 stephen cummins b.a.w.g.s. Dwarven holds yes yes ks
24 kenyon duncan beast herds yes yes ca
25 nyk barr nashvillains warriors of the dark gods yes yes tn
26 C.J. Sisk WCW asklanders yes yes il
27 chris rydburg nashvillains empire of sonnstahl yes yes tn
28 brian “librarian” hughes WCW dwarven holds yes yes il
29 Mal patel Saurian ancients yes yes ber
30 dennis lavallie vermin swarm yes no co

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