Results 2019

Red River Rumble GT 2019 has come and gone and it was a blast! Congratulations to all our winners and to everybody who traveled near and far to make this year a success!

Here’s our winners! And here’s the Final Standings!

Overall Champion – Pete Reese (5-0-0, 176 total points, 85 Battle Points) – Dwarven Holds

Best General, Tornado Division – Jeff Durham (4-1-0, 81 Battle Points) – Saurian Ancients

Best General, Twister Division – Jurand Szwaja (4-1-0, 61 Battle Points) – Vermin Swarm

Best General, Cyclone Division – Rob Nevarez (3-2-0, 57 Battle Points) – Sylvan Elves

Best General, Whirlwind Division – Noble Diven (3-2-0, 44 Battle Points) – Warriors of the Dark Gods

Best Sportsman – Tom Moulton (4 out of 5 “Best Sportsman” votes) Kingdom of Equitaine

Best Appearance – Austin Murrey (54 out of 54 Appearance points, 9 additional “best appearance” votes by other players) Dwarven Holds


And here’s the whole group!! Thank you to everybody!!!

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