Results 2020

Red River Rumble GT 2020 has come and gone and it was a blast! We got our second highest attendance at 18 generals!! Let’s aim to break the 20 attendance record from the first year as we move into 2020! Congratulations to all our winners and to everybody who traveled near and far to make this year a success!

Here’s our winners! And here’s the Final Standings!

Overall Champion – Jurand Szwaja (3-1-1, 133 total points, 78 Battle Points, Three 20-0 games) – Vermin Swarm

Best General, Tornado Division – Pablo Willink (3-1-1, 69 Battle Points) – Saurian Ancients

Best General, Twister Division – Jeff Durham (4-1-0, 73 Battle Points) – Dwarven Holds

Best General, Cyclone Division -Josh Gurin (3-1-1, 52 Battle Points) – Beast Herds

Best General, Whirlwind Division – Kurt Armstrong (3-1-1, 65 Battle Points) – Warriors of the Dark Gods

Best Sportsman – Tom Moulton (4 out of 5 “Best Sportsman” votes, Perfect Sportsmanship score) Vampire Covenant

Best Appearance – Austin Murrey (32 out of 32 Appearance points, 11  additional “best appearance” votes by other players) Warriors of the Dark Gods


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