Results 2022

Red River Rumble GT 2022 is complete! We had a record of 30 Generals show up and do battle!

Here’s our winners! And here’s the Final Standings!

Overall Champion – Pablo Wilink (131 Total points, 55 battle points)

Best General, Twister Division – Brian “Librarian” Hughes (55 Battle Points)

Best General, Cyclone Division – Jurand Szwaja (67 Battle Points)

Best General, Whirlwind Division – Jonny Pike (71 Battle Points)

Best General, Tornado Division – Rob Nevarez (66 Battle Points)

Best Sportsman – David Cicero (Max Sportsman points, 3/5 Best Opponent vote)

Best Appearance, 1st Place – Austin Murrey (Max Appearance Points, 11 additional votes)

Best Appearance, 2nd Place – Noble Diven (Max Appearance Points, 9 additional votes)

Best Appearance, 3rd Place – Devin Meadows (10 additional votes) 

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