Red River Rumble GT 2018 Registration continues! Get signed up!


redriver1jazzThe Red River Rumble GT 2018 is open for registration!

Wanted to give everybody a shout out and let you know that the registration continues for the RRR GT 2018! If you were just at the Hogfest GT this past weekend in Washington, Missouri then it was cool to see you and hang out and roll dice during a weekend of drinking and gaming! The Hogfest GT finished out 2017 and we’re now looking forward to 2018! There are now 6 GTs that are available in the Midwest and it all starts next February with the Red River Rumble GT! Get signed up today!

A few items I’d like to mention:

– Red River Rumble GT 2018 Players Packet! There were a few changes that I made to the initial release of the Players Packet. You can find the changes in green. Some of the changes I made were the amount of GTs that are now available and the biggest change is how the scoring will work this year. The Scoring chart was updated to reflect the 9th Age rulebook and I’ve amended the Painting Rubric and Sportsmanship scores. Before, the total was 240 points but that has now been changed to 200 points. If you have any questions on these changes please don’t hesitate to ask. Again, all the changes are in green.

– Custom Red River Rumble GT dice! Take a look at these pics! Everybody who signs up will get a custom RRR GT 2018 die!

Please note that the biggest change is that we’re changing venues and cities! We are now moving to the Best Western in Wichita, Kansas. This is the exact same location that the Wicked GT is held at ever year!!

Don’t forget I’m also going to have TVs setup complete with Nintendo greats like Super Smash Bros and Mario Kart!

Come sign up and let’s make RRR GT 2018 the best yet!

Also, follow us on Twitter: @RRRumbleGT, #RedRiverRumbleGT

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