Official Red River Rumble GT 2019 Players Packet released and now a 2020 Masters Qualifying GT!


redriver1jazzOk everybody, I wanted to share some exciting news that I received over the weekend with you. As you know, we’re about 3 months away from the Red River Rumble GT 2019 and we are starting to get the ball rolling on prize support, updating scenarios, and fine tuning all the small things that go into running and operating a GT! I heard the other day that it’s now official – The Red River Rumble GT 2019 is an official Qualifying GT for the 2020 Masters GT! So in addition to kicking off the 2019 GT Circuit Season you can now qualify for the first Masters GT 2020 by winning overall champion at the RRR GT! The Masters GT 2020 doesn’t have a date and time yet as they are working on the 2019 GT but at least we know that this GT will be a qualifier!

Another bit of info for everybody, the 2019 Players Packed has now been officially released for your reading pleasure. You can download it by clicking here!

Here’s the details for the Red River Rumble GT 2019:

  • When: February 23-24, 2019
  • Where: Best Western, Wichita, Kansas (same venue as the Wicked GT!)

And some important dates to remember going forward:

  • January 18th – Last day for refunds!
  • February 1st – Price goes up from $50 to $55 (send your payments as “friends and family” to
  • February 15th – Army lists are due!

Don’t forget that there’s still one major GT this year out on the west coast and is run by our good buddy Kenyon Duncan! If you’re interested to learn more about the Pacific Rim GT then just click right here!

Long live the 9th Age!!

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