Happy New Years from the Red River Rumble GT 2019!


redriver1jazzI want to wish everybody a Happy New Year 2019 and hope that whatever it is you’ve been putting off, whether it’s a new or old diet, finally running that marathon, or simply making more money… I hope 2019 is the year you get it done!! Now that 2019 is here it’s time to really start pimping out the RRR GT! We’re only about 6 weeks away from dice dropping so make sure that you’re signed up and registered and ready to go for what promises to be one of the best GTs around and also to kick off the GT Circuit for 2019!

In the coming weeks I’ll be releasing the scenarios as well as any other accompanying information that is needed for the GT! Don’t forget that the festivities start on Friday, February 22nd at 5 o’clock PM! We’ll be at the venue setting up the judges tables, the bar, and getting all of the tables set up with terrain and markers as well. Feel free to come by and lend a hand and have a few beers while we play Mario Kart 8 or Super Smash Bros! It’ll be here soon!

Lastly, we’ll be using the latest ruleset from the 9th Age website – which is v2.0! So make sure you have the latest rules downloaded and get your army ready for battle!


Make sure to get signed up right away! You can send your registration info to theredriverrumblegt@gmail.com. This is also where you send your PayPal payment (please make sure to send as Friends & Family)!

Here’s the details for the Red River Rumble GT 2019:

  • When: February 23-24, 2019
  • Where: Best Western, Wichita, Kansas (same venue as the Wicked GT!)

And some important dates to remember going forward:

  • January 18th – Last day for refunds!
  • February 1st – Price goes up from $50 to $55 (send your payments as “friends and family” to redriverrumblegt@gmail.com)
  • February 15th – Army lists are due!

Long live the 9th Age!!

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