Round 1 Pairings, Army lists available, Best General Divisions, and National Margarita Day! RRR GT 2019 is this Friday!


jazzThe countdown is on! This weekend it all goes down! 4 days and counting for the 2nd annual Red River Rumble GT!

As of last count we have 16 generals primed and ready to do battle but we can always take more!! So please, if you know of anybody that wants to play let’s do our best to get to 20 this year! We need 4 more people! Let’s make it happen!

A few things I wanted to let everybody know about:

  1. Round 1 Pairings are now available! There was only one grudge match this year between Jurand and Pete! The rest are random and we’ll use the Swiss system going forward into round 2. If you have any questions, please let me know. Behold!
  2. Army Lists are now available! Woohoo! Everybody got their lists in to me on time! If you navigate to the “Who’s In?” page you’ll notice that the “Yes” word for each general has now been highlighted. Click on those links if you’re interested to see what each person is bringing to RRR GT 2019. If you have questions, please let me know!
  3. Best General Divisions! As you know, there are 4 Best General Divisions that have been created and you can now compete against the other generals in your division. The divisions have been broken down into the Cyclone, Twister, Whirlwind, and Tornado Divisions! This year we had a pretty good spread with the exception of one division – the Whirlwind Division. There’s only 2 Generals in it so far so it’ll be a 1v1 fight the whole way through! Here’s the breakdown!
  4. National Margarita Day! I recently found out that Friday, February 22nd is officially National Margarita Day! So on Friday as we’re setting up and getting the venue prepped and ready feel free to stop by and get your army set up and have a margarita! Don’t forget that you can set up your army and leave it there overnight since we’ll be locking the entire venue down.

Here’s the details for the Red River Rumble GT 2019:

  • When: February 23-24, 2019
  • Where: Best Western, Wichita, Kansas (same venue as the Wicked GT!)

Long live the 9th Age!!

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