Red River Rumble GT 2020 Registration is now open! Back in OKC!

jazzWe are just about 4 months away from the 3rd annual Red River Rumble GT 2020!! And registration is now officially open for all of you peeps that are thinking of attending. If you’ve ever been to the Wicked GT then you won’t want to miss out on this one because while it has a lot of similarities… it’s also unique in its own right!

This year we move the action to Oklahoma City and I’m excited to announce that we have an awesome venue that will let us have our GT in peace and we can come and go as we please! We’ll have an open bar for the Red River Rumble GT 2020! We will likely order pizza on Saturday evening and hang out and play video games, board games, or drinking games… or all of the above! So make sure you’re signed up and come be apart of the kickoff for the 2020 GT circuit!

But let’s not jump the gun too quickly… there’s still 2 amazing GT’s in 2019 that are upcoming and if you haven’t signed up for these make sure you do it! Here’s the 2 remaining GTs:

  • Hogfest GT – Chicago, Illinois – November 9-10, 2019
  • Pacific Rim GT – San Francisco, California, December 7-8, 2019

The information for the 2020 Red River Rumble GT:

  • When: February 28 – March 1, 2020
  • Where: Quality Inn OKC, 6300 Terminal Drive,  Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73159
  • Cost: $50 per player

Make sure you’re here and ready to kick off the 2020 Grand Tournament Circuit! This year is going to be great and we’re ready to start things off with a blast!

If you’re interested in signing up and being apart of one of the best GTs around then send an email to:

Also, follow me on Twitter to get the latest and greatest for the Red River Rumble GT!

Long live the 9th Age!!

And finally, Twitter:

Handle: @Red_RiverGT

Hashtags: #RRRGT, #T9A

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