Look at all this SWAG!!! Less than 3 weeks away!!

jazzQuick update to let everybody know that the SWAG has arrived! All of this will be either raffled out or given away over the weekend of the 4th Annual Red River Rumble GT!!

Don’t forget – you get 3 raffle tickets upon entry into the GT. These raffle tickets can be used to try to win any of these items in the picture. This year we’ll draw some on Saturday afternoon and then the remaining raffles will be drawn on Sunday! You can always purchase more raffle tickets for $1/each to increase your chances to win something!

Here’s the SWAG:

Here’s a quick reminder about the upcoming date for Army Lists:

  • February 19th: Army lists due! Make sure you get the latest updates to your list and get them updated and to me by this date!

I’m looking forward to a great turnout and remember – we’ll be 100% safe and will do our best to maintain social distancing as well as provide hand sanitizer and face masks. It’s going to be a great weekend.

We are at 15 participants right now! Let’s get one more to keep it even!! Don’t forget that we’ll have BBQ lunch catered on Saturday, open bar all weekend long, and tons of prizes, handouts, and raffles! All of this is included in your $45 entry fee! Let’s do it!!

If interested, email me at redriverrumblegt@gmail.com!

Also, follow me on Twitter to get the latest and greatest for the Red River Rumble GT!

Long live the 9th Age!!

And finally, Twitter:

Handle: @Red_RiverGT

Hashtags: #RRRGT2021, #T9A

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