Red River Rumble GT 2021 is a wrap!!

jazzI want to give a huge shoutout for making this past weekend a massive success!! The drinks were flowing, dice were rolling, and there was a lot of bloodshed (on the tabletop) all weekend long! It turned out to be an awesome weekend! Lots of laughs and cries as 16 players battled it out to be crowned Overall Champion of the 4th Annual Red River Rumble GT! Congrats to all of the winners!

– Overall Champion – Josh Gurin (71 Battle Points, 119 Total – Points, Warriors of the Dark Gods)

– Best General (Cyclone) – Rob Nevarez (60 Battle Points, Sylvan Elves)

– Best General (Whirlwind) – Kurt Armstrong (61 Battle Points, Vermin Swarm)

– Best General (Twister) – Dennis Lavallie (67 Battle Points, Vermin Swarm)

– Best General (Tornado) – Eric Rennie (44 Battle Points, Saurian Ancients)

– Best Appearance – Noble Diven (Max Appearance + Bonus Points, Beast Herds)

– Best Sportsman – Devin Meadows (2 “Favorite Opponent” Votes, Orcs & Goblins)

Long live the 9th Age!!

And finally, Twitter:

Handle: @Red_RiverGT

Hashtags: #RRRGT2021, #T9A

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