Red River Rumble GT 2022 key dates approaching! Olde World Trivia, custom RRRGT apparel, more Best Appearance Awards, and more!!

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jazzHere’s the latest for the Red River Rumble GT 2022! We are just about 6 weeks away from kicking off the 2022 GT circuit and I’m thankful that you’re going to be apart of it!! Reminder that I’ve expanded to 34 players and there are currently 32 paid generals in as of right now, which means there’s 2 spots remaining! Claim em!!!

I have a few notes I’d like to share with everybody as we start getting closer to dice drop:

As a reminder / update, we will be using the latest points adjustments / rules updates that were made in the latest 9th Age update. Download the latest army books, rule book, and arcane compendium to get the latest points changes. 

Army Lists are due!! Don’t forget to submit your army list to by March 11th!! I understand life happens so if you can’t meet the deadline please reach out to me prior! I don’t want to mark anybody down but anybody that blatantly turns in a late list will be docked 5 points from their overall score. So please just get your lists updated and get them sent over to me as soon as you can! Also, this year, I’d like to use the New Recruit format and will even upload the GT into their tournament system. That said, please plan to utilize New Recruit when it comes to building and submitting your army lists. If you have questions about this or have never used it please reach out to me and I’m happy to help you. Having a single format for all army lists is really helpful for the T.O. so I appreciate your assistance on this!

– Olde World Trivia!! This year I’m bringing back the Olde World Trivia!! As you know, the 9th Age is filled with tons of lore that goes back thousands of years and the history of the Olde World spans all races and continents!! Look back into your old Warhammer books as well as the current 9th Age books and get familiar with the history of the world! Throughout the entire weekend I’ll be asking random questions pertaining to the Olde World – both 9th Age and Warhammer – and whoever can answer the questions correctly first will be given random gift cards!! I will have a ton of gift cards for restaurants, gas, and shopping venues that I’ll be handing out specifically for Olde World Trivia! I’ll plan to ask a random question every 30 to 45 minutes so make sure your know your history!!

New Appearance Awards! I’ve updated the amount of Best Appearance awards from 1 to 3. There will now be awards for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place for Best Appearance!

Custom Apparel! Take a look at this hoodie I had embroidered with the RRRGT logo!! I’ll have a handful of these available for raffle / sale over the weekend in various sizes and colors! Lemme know if you want one! They’ll be around $30 each.



Don’t forget that we’ll have an open bar, plenty of prizes and gift cards that’ll be handed out all weekend long, custom dice, apparel, and much more and it all begins on Friday night! Make sure to get there and get your army set up and ready to go for Saturday morning and then grab a drink and let’s play some video games or board games, practice some 9th Age, or really whatever you wanna do! It’ll be here soon, you don’t wanna miss it!

GT Info:

The dates for the Red River Rumble GT 2022 are official – March 18-20, 2022.  Entry fee is $50 and that price will never change! If interested, please email me at to sign up!

Long live the 9th Age!!

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