Who’s gonna win Overall Champ? This could be yours! We’re nearly there!!! Let’s go!!!

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jazzWe’re just about 3 weeks from go time and I’m very excited to bring you the 5th Annual Red River Rumble GT! There’s still 2 spots left so if you’re on the fence let’s make it happen and get signed up so we can max out at 34 people! Right now we’re at an all time  high with 32!! Who’s gonna take this trophy home??


Here’s what you can expect for the 5th Annual Red River Rumble GT:

We will be using the latest points adjustments / rules updates that were made in the latest 9th Age update. Download the latest army books, rule book, and arcane compendium to get the latest points changes. 

Army Lists are due on March 11!! The due date is next Friday for your army lists! Please have them into me on time! I’m going  to try to do a list review and I need to run them all through New Recruit and start setting up for first round pairings so hook me up and get your list in on time. I’m using New Recruit this year and the GT is listed on their website. You need to use your Discord name and sign up for the GT through their New Recruit website. The GT is located here. Please sign up for New Recruit, locate the Red River Rumble GT link on their website and sign up! So far there’s only 11 people to have done this. Please do this before next Friday!!

– Open Bar! I’ll have a bartender available all weekend long and you can enjoy mimosas, beer, liquor and whatever else we can find and it’s all included in your entry fee! Please remember to drink responsibly and make sure to tip your bartender / waitress!!

– Olde World Trivia!! Brush up on your knowledge of Warhammer and 9th Age lore because Olde World Trivia is back! Throughout the entire weekend I’ll randomly be asking trivia about the lore of the world and the first person that can answer correctly will be rewarded with a gift card! Just like that! I’ll be doing this as long as I have gift cards so make sure to do some studying!

– Raffles / Prizes! All weekend long you can put in your raffle tickets on various boxed sets / blisters / models and at the end of the GT we’ll draw all the winners! When you sign up you get 3 raffle tickets and each ticket after that is only $1 each! For every 5 you buy you’ll get a 6th one for free!!

Custom Apparel! appparelI’ll have various colors and sizes of RRRGT apparel for sale and will be for sale as long as supplies last. I’m not taking pre-orders on any of this because I’m not sure how many I can have made on time. If interested these shirts and hoodies will be available at the judge’s table as long as they last! I’m not certain on pricing yet but they’ll be affordable, I can assure you that. Also, I will be accepting credit and debit cards for anybody that would like to purchase apparel or raffle tickets all weekend long.

This Grand Tournament is one of the best you’ll ever attend – you have my word on that. We’ll have an open bar all weekend long, raffles, custom dice and coasters, apparel, swag, video games, board games, and so much more. If you’ve never been then now is the time to show up and be part of one of the best GTs you’ll ever attend. I can’t wait to host for you and I can’t wait for it to get here!

GT Info:

The dates for the Red River Rumble GT 2022 are official – March 18-20, 2022.  Entry fee is $50 and that price will never change! If interested, please email me at redriverrumblegt@gmail.com to sign up!

Long live the 9th Age!!

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