Round 2 Pairings are up! Round 1 is in the books!!

thumbnail_RRRGT Logo 2022

jazzSecond round pairings are now available!! Here we go!!

Table 1: Dennis Lavallie vs. Ryan Dorsey

 Table 2: Jurand Szwaja vs. Stephen Cummins

 Table 3: Rob Nevarez vs. Austin Murrey

 Table 4: Brian “Librarian” Hughes vs. Chris Rydburg

 Table 5: Jonny Pike vs. Pablo Wilink

 Table 6: Kenyon Duncan vs. C.J. Sisk

 Table 7: Josh Gurin vs. Noah Dorsey

 Table 8: Devin Meadows vs. Josh Lewis

 Table 9: Mal Patel vs. David Cicero

 Table 10: Chris McArthur vs. Frank Gallagher

 Table 11: Blue Diven vs. Lenny the Tyrant

 Table 12: Jesse Brown vs. Joel Flint

 Table 13: Fergus the Gimp vs. Zach Perry

 Table 14: Noble Diven vs. Nyk Barr

 Table 15: Keith Rombough vs. Bryan Gerk


The dates for the Red River Rumble GT 2022 are official – March 18-20, 2022.  Entry fee is $50 and that price will never change! If interested, please email me at to sign up!

Long live the 9th Age!!

Hashtags: #RRRGT2021, #T9A

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