Final Results are now in!! Red River Rumble GT 2022 is officially in the books!

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jazzWhat a weekend it was! Great games, epic matches, tons of prizes and giveaways, trivia, and so much more! I want to thank all of the 30 generals that showed up to make this year the biggest and best GT yet. We had players come from all of the US and even fly in from Bermuda as well. It’s because of all of you why we’re able to make these GTs happen! Thank you to everybody for making this year a success!

Without further ado – here’s the final results!!

Overall Champion – Pablo Wilink (131 Total points, 55 battle points)

Best General, Twister Division – Brian “Librarian” Hughes (55 Battle Points)

Best General, Cyclone Division – Jurand Szwaja (67 Battle Points)

Best General, Whirlwind Division – Jonny Pike (71 Battle Points)

Best General, Tornado Division – Rob Nevarez (66 Battle Points)

Best Sportsman – David Cicero (Max Sportsman points, 3/5 Best Opponent vote)

Best Appearance, 1st Place – Austin Murrey (Max Appearance Points, 11 additional votes)

Best Appearance, 2nd Place – Noble Diven (Max Appearance Points, 9 additional votes)

Best Appearance, 3rd Place – Devin Meadows (10 additional votes) 

And here’s a link to the final standings for all 30 players!!

Long live the 9th Age!!

Hashtags: #RRRGT2021, #T9A

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