RRRGT 2023 Final Results are in!!!

RRRGT Logo 2023

jazzRed River Rumble GT 2023 has officially come and gone! There were 22 total Generals that showed up to do battle and find out who would be the last man standing on Sunday afternoon!

I want to send a huge thank you to everybody for making the GT a success. There were lots of people that came from out of town to support and I want to say thank you for taking the time and effort to get here and make it great. I know it’s a huge undertaking to get hotels, flights, gas, etc so I appreciate that people showed up and made this year unforgettable!!

Here’s the results!!

Overall Champion – Rob Nevarez (Vermin Swarm, 132 total points)

Best General – Twister Division – Austin Murrey (69 Battle Points)

Best General – Cyclone Division – Jeff Durham (64 Battle Points)

Best General – Whirlwind Division – Len Szatkowski (73 Battle Points)

Best General – Tornado Division – Mal Patel (54 Battle Points)

Best Sportsman – Cole Perry (3 of 5 Best Opponent votes)

Best Appearance 1st Place – Dave Cicero (Highborn Elves)

Best Appearance 2nd Place – Devin Meadows (Kingdom of Equitaine)

Best Appearance 3rd Place – Ryan Dorsey (Beast Herds)

Here’s the overall results for all 22 players!

Long live the 9th Age!!

Hashtags: #RRRGT2021, #T9A


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