Important dates upcoming! SWAG pictures! Check out what you get!

redriver1jazzWe are just about 1 month away from hosting the first ever Red River Rumble GT! So far we have 22 players and counting! Remember to spread the word and let everybody know that this GT is going to be the place to hang out on the weekend of February 25-26! As we continue to get closer you’ll begin to see more and more updates from here and on Twitter, as well as through the distribution list for email. Stay tuned, here’s what’s going ong:

  • Registration is on-going! We are now at 22 players and continue to grow! If you know of any players that are interested in attending the first ever RRR GT the please have them email The more players that we have the bigger and better we’ll continue to get and help to put 9th Age on the map!
  • Important dates are approaching!! Here they are:
    • February 2nd: Last day to pay $50 as your entry fee. Any day beyond February 2nd and the price goes up to $55. Make sure to pay through PayPal at
    • February 17th: Army lists are due! I know things happen that might prevent you from getting this in on time. Fine-tuning of the list, painting restrictions… I understand. But please do your best to get your list submitted by this day. TO will have the discretion of docking points for any lists turned in late. Army list submissions should be sent to
    • January 24th: That’s tomorrow! For any of you that have already paid, if anything comes up between now and tomorrow then please let me know. After tomorrow, no refunds will be given. This is because deposits are being paid, materials are being purchased, etc. In short, the money is being spent so if you need a refund please do so before midnight tomorrow (January 24th) in order to get your money back. After that, the money will already be used. Thank you for your understanding.
  • SWAG!!
    • Lastly, check this out! Thanks to our very good gamer buddy Mike Grudowski (Wazowsky), he’s hooking up all entrants into the RRR GT with some tokens that you can use during the GT and in all your gaming endeavors afterwards as well. For every participant, he’s agreed to make 2 Arcs, 3 Objective Markers, and 2 Wound counters! So for every person that’s paid and in attendance at the RRR GT, you’ll be walking away with a set of these!!
    • arc
    • objective
    • wounds

RRR GT Information:

Also, follow us on Twitter: @RRRumbleGT

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