Happy Valentine’s Day! A quick change to the schedule for Friday night!

redriver1jazzAs we get closer to the date I’ll be making some frequent updates about every other day so that you’re completely in the know with what’s going on! Here we go!

  • Registration is on-going! We have 20 generals paid up and ready to throw down at the first ever Red River Rumble GT! Continue to spread the word! Don’t forget payment is now $55 per person and can be sent to thewickedg@gmail.com.
  • Game Day Registration! We’ve run into a snag on Friday evening. Best Western has booked the venue on that evening so we will have to move registration from Friday evening to Saturday morning beginning at 8 AM. So, for any of you that were planning to stop by on Friday you now have an open evening to do whatever you’d like. Just make sure to be there first thing on Saturday morning to get your registration completed! Sorry for the inconvenience! I’ve updated the Players Packet to reflect this change. Please refer to the “Schedule” page to see the changes to Friday night.
  • Scenarios! Scenario 1 will be released tomorrow!! Possibly Scenario 2 as well! I’ll continue to release the rest as we get closer!
  • Army lists are due this Friday!
    • February 17th: I know things happen that might prevent you from getting this in on time. Fine-tuning of the list, painting restrictions… I understand. But please do your best to get your list submitted by this day. TO will have the discretion of docking points for any lists turned in late. Army list submissions should be sent to redriverrumblegt@gmail.com

RRR GT Information:

Also, follow us on Twitter: @RRRumbleGT

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