All Scenarios released, F.A.T. Mat Cash Raffle, and more!

redriver1jazzQuick update this time! All scenarios have now been released! 3 days countdown is on! We’re looking forward to putting on a great show for the weekend!

  • Scenarios! Scenario #5 is now available! All scenarios are available and have been released!
  • Scenario #5 – Take what is rightfully Yours!
  • And here’s the other scenarios!
  • Raffle! Wanted to let everybody know that upon registration you’ll be given a number. This number will be your raffle number for the entire weekend! There will be plenty of things given away all weekend long and all you need to do is simply register! Your number will automatically be entered so your chance to win opens up! Items to give away are paint sets, bricks of dice, gift cards, boxed sets, and more.
  • Unique RRR GT SWAG! Also to let everybody know that when you register you will be given unique, one-of-a-kind SWAG that you can only get at the Red River Rumble GT! Thanks to our good buddy Mike Grudowski (@mgrudowski75) everybody will be walking away with custom wound counter tokens, objective markers, and arcs of visibility. He’s burned the official RRR GT Logo onto some of these items!!wound-tokendice-box
  • F.A.T. MAT Cash Raffle! I’ve gotten my hands on a 6×4 F.A.T. Mat that comes complete with a F.A.T. carrying bag as well! I’ve decided to put this bad boy up for raffle for anybody that is interested in taking it home. If you don’t know these F.A.T. Mats can retail from upwards of $80 each so now’s your chance to get your hands on one for cheap! I’m going to be selling tickets for $2/each! At the end of the GT I’ll be pulling the winning ticket so make sure to have some cash on you so that you can win your very own 6×4 F.A.T. Mat!grassy-plains2-6x4-tablewar-fatmats__92214-1485198209-500-750fat_bag

Also, follow us on Twitter: @RRRumbleGT, #RedRiverRumbleGT

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