Red River Rumble GT Final Standings! Congrats to the winners!

redriver1jazzThe first ever Red River Rumble GT has now come to and end and I’m very happy to say that it was a big success! We had a total of 20 generals do battle all weekend long and for the first year, 20 generals is a great number to have! We have some great momentum going right now with the 9th Age following here in the Midwest. Let’s keep it going by prepping for the 3rd annual Wicked GT, which is set to take place on May 20-21, 2017 in Wichita, Kansas! Registration is now open!

Congratulations to all the weekend winners and again, for making the RRR GT a huge success!!

  • Overall Champion – Jeff Durham (Saurian Ancients, 4-0-1 record, 2 massacres)20170226_165352_resized
  • Best General – Mike Lies (Vampire Covenant, 2-1-2, 97 out of 130 Battle Points)20170226_165239_resized
  • Best Sportsman – Kurt Armstrong (Highborn Elves, 3 out of 5 Favorite Opponent votes)img_-ujgsxw_resized
  • Best Appearance – Austin Murrey (Kingdom of Equitaine, Max Bonus points for Appearance)20170226_165017_resized
  • Player’s Choice – Saminda Gates (Sylvan Elves, 7 our of 20 votes for Player’s Choice)20170226_164843_resized

And click right here to find the final standings from the 1st ever Red River Rumble GT!

And raffle winner of the F.A.T. Mat Grassy Plains – Robert Baan!


Make sure to visit the “Results” page to see more pics from the weekend as well as an additional recap.

Also, follow us on Twitter: @RRRumbleGT, #RedRiverRumbleGT

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