Players Packet now available! RRR GT now at 19 players and counting!

redriver1jazzHappy New Year to all you 9th Age fans and may 2017 be the best year for you yet! We are moving right along with the 1st ever Red River Rumble GT and have been working hard to bring you a quality GT that you’ll want to continue to come back to time and time again.

There’s a few items to mention as we move into 2017, here they are:

  • The Official Red River Rumble GT Players Packet is now available! You can find it by clicking this link! Everything that you need to know about the RRR GT can be found in this packet so make sure to look it over. In addition, this will be printed out and put inside your official registration packet on the weekend of the tournament.
  • Registration continues! We are now at 19 players and continue to grow! If you know of any players that are interested in attending the first ever RRR GT the please have them email

RRR GT Information:

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Happy Holidays from the Red River Rumble GT! Registration continues!

redriver1jazzHappy Holidays from the Red River Rumble GT crew! Hope everybody is enjoying time with the family, eating way too much, and setting up to bring the New Year in in style! I know it’s a busy time of year for all of us so I will make this a short post but just wanted to let everybody know that the 1st ever Red River Rumble GT is starting to fill out very nicely! We’ve made the reservations for the venue and have worked out the on-site bar for Saturday, the Players Packet is nearly complete and should be released right after the New year, and we continue to get more and more sign-ups each week! So far, we have 16 players from as far as Colorado all the way down to Texas! It’s going to be a great event!

Don’t forget to spread the word about the RRR GT! The more we talk about it the more people will hear about it and the better turnout we’ll have. Registration is open and you can reserve your spot by sending an email to and letting me know that you’re interested in attending. It’s $50 per player and the payment can be sent via Paypal to! Please indicate that you’re making a payment for the Red River Rumble GT! Keep those players coming and let’s have a great turnout for the 1st ever Red River Rumble GT! Happy Holidays to everybody and we’ll be in touch again after the New Year!

RRR GT Information:

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1st ever Red River Rumble GT announced! February 25-26, 2017!

redriver1jazzWelcome to the website for the 1st ever Red River Rumble GT! My name is Ro. Nevarez and I run this website and have been the TO for the Wicked GT in the past and several other locally run tournaments in Wichita and Oklahoma City. If you’ve attended the Wicked GT in the past then you’ll know that we put on a quality tournament and try to bring the very best players that the Midwest has to offer to not only get some great competition but also a very satisfying overall gaming experience!

My brother and I decided to break off and each run a GT in order to allow more variety within the Midwest and so that we can each play in another tournament throughout the year. It also makes sense because I live in Oklahoma City and he lives in Wichita. So don’t worry, the Wicked GT isn’t going anywhere… it’s coming back in May 2017 and we’ve decided to start off the GT season by bringing you the first ever Red River Rumble GT!

As we move forward we’ll be releasing the official Players Packet, Painting Rubric, what to expect for the GT, and all sorts of information that will help you be prepared for battle when February comes! Make sure to check back frequently and follow us on Twitter (@RRRumbleGT) to get the latest info! Looking forward to seeing you at the first ever Red River Rumble GT!

Initial Information:

Also, follow us on Twitter: @RRRumbleGT